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Candidate Experience – A Mission Critical Aspect in the Recruiting Process

The experience that applicants gain with your company in the course of the application process is decisive for their choice of employer. But although a holistic, positive candidate experience has the greatest influence on employer attractiveness for the majority of candidates – this is not part of the mindset of many companies, yet.

What employers should look out for in order to prevail over the competition to attract the best talent

In order to convince promising candidates of your company, you should show them appreciation and show them that you are happy about their interest. With friendly contact, constant communication at eye level and the shortest possible response time to applications and questions, applicants stay motivated and do not lose interest in your company. Avoid mass emails and convince with an individual approach and a simple and understandable recruiting process. Never forget: there is no second chance to make a first impression.

Improve the candidate experience and ensure a positive application experience in just a few steps

When choosing an employer, applicants go through several phases until they decide for or against a company. At every point of contact between the candidates and your company, they gain experience that has a fundamental impact on their decision. It is therefore more important that their experiences with your company are as positive as possible in every step:

First, potential candidates become aware of your company through various channels such as social media, your website, trade fairs or acquaintances. Make sure your employer branding is professional and consistent.

Now the research begins and further information about your company is collected. Could you be a suitable employer for interested parties? Communicate to the applicant transparently and realistically what to expect in your company. If the research was convincing, and you aroused the interest of potential applicants, the candidate applies for a vacancy. Now the recruiting process begins, which should be as simple and understandable as possible. Again, make sure you provide transparency to the applicant about how the process works.

The application process is complete and now both you and the applicants are ready to choose – which candidates have you completely won over and who is the perfect addition to your team? Weigh your decision carefully.

Now, not only can motivated new employees be happy about hiring, but you too can look forward to being their choice of employer. The first time in a new position is always something special and should therefore be designed accordingly. With the right preparation and planning, you will bind new employees to your company in the long term and motivate them.