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Press Release: C.O.I. Announces New Business Partner – Josie Batres

Scottsdale, Arizona November 6, 2020

Career Opportunities International (C.O.I.) LLC, is pleased to announce that Josie Batres has joined as Business Partner.

During her 16 years working as an HR executive, Josie Batres has successfully helped businesses align leaders and drive strategic and culture growth at scale for various international leading organizations like Parsons Engineering, Wells Fargo, Trust Company of the West, Walt Disney Company and RGP.    After experiencing first-hand the implications of not managing culture and seeing the lack of alignment between strategy and how work gets done, she launched TalentGate in 2019 to help companies more skillfully manage their starting point to culture reinvention with intention and by design.   With the task of making the invisible visible, Josie brings evidence-based data to measure what matters and thought-leadership to vastly improve hiring, strategy alignment, engagement levels (leadership, managers, front line and customers), total rewards, growth and performance across teams.   She embraces full transparency with clients by offering a working culture playbook that brings science, executive recruiting, consulting, workshops and coaching as their framework to measure and manage their culture ecosystem in all stages of their evolution.    Driven by her core purpose to create conditions for individuals and teams to excel, her vision in this journey is to help companies recognize untapped potential in their business and drive future market demand that is yet unseen but supercharged with a clear shared vision driven by the collective efforts of teams.

In 2020, Josie partnered with Career Opportunities International (C.O.I.), an international executive search firm advising companies how to view strategic opportunities in the talent marketplace, attract, assess and recruit exceptional team members who will be key to building stronger cultures that carry out the future growth of their business.

Through this collective partnership, clients gain traction and see and feel positive changes in culture and results such as increased revenue, sustained growth, reduced turnover and a more inclusive and positively engaged workforce.

Josie holds a Bachelors of Science in Economics from Loyola Marymount University and is a certified Talent Optimization Partner with the Predictive Index. She is also an executive member of the National Human Resources Association.