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Stress Relief is Good for Business

As the pace of life increases, so too do stress levels in business. Decision-making becomes faster, the stakes higher, potential criticism sharper and fall-out from a lapse in judgment potentially devastating. In such a climate punctuated by tweets and email notifications, availability 24/7 and global accountability, the value of de-stressing is higher than ever. C.O.I recently held a series of team meetings over three days, that culminated in a group yoga session led by one of our team members. The effect on personal well-being may seem obvious, but the resulting bonding that occurred was for me a real surprise. I’ve always held my colleagues in high esteem, but sharing a time of peace and serenity created a new bond. While the personal health benefits of stress relieving activities such as yoga, martial arts, meditation are well-known, the business benefits are real and tangible too. Increased productivity and improved morale go a long way to further enhancing a positive work environment that also spills over to customers and clients.

By Rowena McAllister