Leadership Development


  • COI offers tailored leadership development training and coaching workshops for your entire organization, a specific team or individuals.
  • Leadership Development workshops are facilitated by our seasoned professional who has years of experience across industry and companies from blue chip global organizations to smaller businesses.
  • Topics include but are not limited to managing through change, integration, career management, job satisfaction, productivity, vision and enhancing company culture and output.


– We collaborate with our coachees to develop personal road maps for self-improvement.

–  Individual excellence is achieved through competency enhancement and skillful career management.

–   Our coaching process will help the individual create stretch goals, gain trust, provide feedback and adopt a challenging mindset that will enhance awareness and boost self-confidence.


High performance teams are built on trust. Our team coaching sessions help build team excellence by addressing the following:

How to build trust –

How to move from compromise to creative collaboration –

How to integrate new team members –

How to motivate mind-set changes –

How to redirect dysfunctions –



We help organizations achieve excellence by designing and delivering unique and tailored learning experiences with the aim to improve productivity, quality and job satisfaction.

We work with organizations to create a powerful vision that will drive innovation and change in a cross-cultural work environment.

Our 2-4 days training programs are highly interactive and are based on experiential and action learning oriented training methods. Our focus is on teaching leaders how to gain voluntary follower-ship, how to lead through organizational change and create a work environment that fosters innovation.

Executive leadership teams attempting a strategic realignment are often confronted with an unresponsive organizational culture. In our special 3-day workshop we guide the executive leadership team through the process of:

– Analyzing the current versus the desired organizational culture

– Identifying required leadership competencies to drive cultural transformation

– Determining measures and initiatives to support and implement the new strategic plan