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C.O.I. Executives is your global talent partner. We have the capability and experience to find exceptional talent anywhere in the world.

In addition to providing comprehensive global recruitment services, our Business Partners are well-equipped to support you in various aspects. From leadership development and coaching to communication, assessment services, and resume support, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your organizational and professional growth.

For a full overview, please review the list of services:

  • Resume reviews and workshops
  • Pre-Interview Training
  • Structured Interview Coaching
  • Recruitment Events
  • Team development
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Crafting Comprehensive Job Descriptions
  • Formulating Job Specifications with Clients
  • Thorough Screening Of All Candidates
  • Scheduling for Clients and Candidates
  • Assessment Services
  • Coaching Services

Recruitment Services

Our global executive search team provides end-to-end services, starting from crafting job descriptions and advertisements to guiding both clients and candidates through negotiations. We manage every facet of the screening process, culminating in the submission of carefully curated candidate portfolios. These portfolios include detailed assessments vetted by senior staff members and business partners.

For candidates seeking resume support or interview preparation, our team has you covered! Benefit from complimentary workshops and support provided by our senior staff members.

At C.O.I., we understand the importance of confidentiality for our clients. To ensure a seamless experience, we take care of all aspects, from research and scheduling to screening and documentation. Our commitment extends to supporting negotiations, where our team assists both clients and candidates in achieving mutually beneficial agreements.

By leveraging the expertise of senior staff and business partners, we guarantee a high standard of quality throughout the executive search process. Our comprehensive approach is designed to alleviate stress for our clients, providing them with a trusted partner for their talent and organziational needs.

Assessment Services

Contact us to learn more about various pre-employment assessments that our Business Partners are trained to offer.

The insights derived from these assessments provide supportive information about the cognitive abilities, psychological traits, and social dynamics of your potential candidate(s). The identified styles and strengths offer a nuanced understanding of their ability to effectively engage, influence, and motivate others, while also establishing trust.

Leadership Development and Coaching Services


We partner with our coaches to craft personalized roadmaps for self-improvement. Individual excellence is realized through enhanced competencies and strategic career management.

Our Business Partners’ coaching process empowers individuals to set ambitious goals, build trust, offer and receive feedback, and cultivate a resilient mindset. This fosters heightened awareness and bolsters self-confidence, facilitating a journey towards personal and professional growth.

Team Development

Our Business Partners are formally equipped to guide team development for any end goal. This service can be tailored to meet your needs in building trust, nurturing diversity and inclusion, elevating communication, supporting collectivism and organizational development, improving performance and other metrics, and encouraging unity for new team members.


Work with our Business Partners to empower your team with a personalized workshop solution tailored to meet your team’s needs. Choose the convenience of a ready-to-go in-house workshop or consider attending an engaging public event, available both in live and online formats. Whether you’re seeking a private, targeted session for your team or prefer the dynamic interaction of a public event, these workshops are designed to enhance skills, foster collaboration, and drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

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