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How to Lose a Candidate in 10 Days

It is amazing how times change so quickly in the job market; especially in times where the world is still reeling challenges from the pandemic.  Some industries are still struggling; but more are flourishing.  No matter the economic situation, top talent always has options for their next move.  You should never assume less.  But in today’s talent pool, when the market is hot with great opportunities, candidates are now choosing which offer to take – out of several!    

Signs that Your Candidate Might not Make it Through Your Interview Process: 

You have too many opinions on hiring decisions. Who are the key people in your organization who you need involved in the interview process? Prioritize them and consider combining interviews to make the process quicker and more effective! 

You stretch out the interview process. Many candidates are lost when they have other processes that move faster and can keep them engaged. This might mean making an offer with a candidate you have only met virtually! 

You ignore data on what the market is paying in your industry. Candidates typically need a 15% pay bump to be convinced to move; but start thinking of other perks to joining your organization. Are you open to exploring a stronger job title or more responsibility that would make the role more attractive? 

You believe candidates will take a step backward just to join your team. Career development is even more important to candidates now than compensation. If the title is a lateral move, make sure you have a convincing argument for new challenges and long-term growth plans.  

You want to gamble with an offer to see how low a candidate will consider. Don’t assume that a candidate will negotiate with you anymore. They will take the other offer on the table and walk! 

You have zero flexibility in the WFH hybrid of time in office and at home. Our most successful clients in the last few months have offered flexibility with home office. Many candidates will not consider anything else. 

The status quo in your interview process will most likely not be enough for you to stand out in today’s job market. Keep your process moving quickly, be competitive, be creative with incentives and reasons why your company will offer challenge, growth, amazing culture – and you will land your dream candidate! 

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