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Pick Me! How To Make Yourself Stand Out During The Hiring Process

From the very first interaction, you are making an impression. Every communication, be it by e-mail, text, letter, over video or on the phone, should be well-thought out and reflect you and your goals.

Sloppy grammar, cluttered and untidy background, ill-prepared questions – any of these can scupper your chances of landing that job in a highly competitive candidate pool.

How do you make yourself the stand-out candidate? In addition to the basics on dressing smart, arriving promptly etc., here are some important steps to take:

  • Preparation is vital. Understand the role, and while you can easily review the website and publicly available information, go the extra mile, research the competition, find out what differentiates the company from their competitors, discover more about the brand and how they position themselves within the market. Given the opportunity, demonstrate your understanding of their vision and how you see yourself contributing to them reaching their goals

  • Understand what you really want from your next role, where your passion lies and how the new role fits. Show your enthusiasm, but be realistic. Ask about the challenges and expectations for the first year. Show that you don’t shy away from being measured by results

  • Be concise. Elaborate but don’t over share or dive too deep into the minutia, and make sure you answer the question!

  • Prepare your referees. Always treating others with respect, resisting the temptation to burn bridges, establishing and reflecting your values will support you in your future job search; you never know when you may need a reference, or who knows whom in your industry!

  • Every interaction matters. From the first interview with a lower level employee or the courtesy you extend the receptionist; they all count.

The attention to detail, building relationships and clear, concise and respectful interactions will prepare you well for your next career step.

By Rowena McAllister