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Recruiting in the Digital Age – Retaining the Human Touch

Recruitment, like many other functions, has been dramatically affected by the emergence of ever more powerful digital tools. Paper-based resume trails, mailed in applications and newspaper job ads are all a thing of the past. Instead, a myriad of data on each candidate is transmitted in micro-seconds via emailed resumes and publicly available information on the internet. Likewise, savvy candidates undertake their own due diligence, checking out the hiring company’s brand and utilizing the wide range of resources literally at their fingertips to assess if this is a good professional and cultural fit.

In this age of digital it is also crucial to retain the human touch – at least that is our belief at C.O.I. For instance, while we embrace digital tools to help with our marketing and to reach every network and talent pool possible, when it comes to assessing candidates we use a two-step process of meetings to evaluate both technical fit and compatibility with the corporate culture and values. Digital has completely overhauled how we recruit, but it has not replaced the human to human evaluation that should remain built into the process.

By Rowena McAllister