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(Re)Location! (Re)Location! (Re)Location!

In a strong jobs market, what happens when you find your ideal candidate and they live in a different state, or even a different continent and relocation is a must?

Information is Power. Assess the needs of the candidate, and customize information on the location accordingly. If the candidate has a young family, provide data on the school system, resources for finding the best performing public, charter and private schools, provide insight on local children’s sports, theatre, arts activities and opportunities. Looking ahead, send then information on in-state colleges and their specialties and strengths. Develop a relocation pack that details cost of living and a cost comparison analysis as well as provides housing cost. Quality of life is key and any relocation pack should highlight the arts, sports, local events, attractive spaces for recreation and enjoyment as well as local hospitals and clinics.

Once you have decided on the top candidates for the role, fly the best candidate(s) and their family in. The investment is well worthwhile for both the company and the applicant to truly know they will feel settled and to secure the commitment of all involved in the decision-making process.

Plan any visit with attention to detail, allowing the candidate and family free time to explore, but ensuring you show off your city or town to its best advantage. If you can, have someone from your company in the same age group or with similar family situation, spend time with the candidate to share their enthusiasm for the location and answer their questions.

The attractiveness of the location is an important aspect but not the only consideration to a candidate’s decision, so ensure that career development is discussed as any candidate needs to feel they are making a wise decision. And, when it comes to the final offer, this is no time to become a penny-pincher! Ensure the candidate’s commitment is secured by offering a relocation package that covers the major expenses and includes local support such as realtor services if you really want to impress.

By Rowena McAllister