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Living in a world of constant activity, where multi-tasking has become a ‘must have’ skill and where technology connects us with each other in real time across the globe, making a commitment to disconnect is more important than ever.

Whether you take the time to people watch, write a journal entry, or read a book the old-fashioned way, separating yourself from the fragmented, distracted world that is on-line and disengaging from the constant stimuli, provides us the space and time to focus, relax and re-charge.

Have you ever noticed how many people watch a spectacular sunset or an exciting sports event on the small smartphone screen as they hold it aloft to capture the moment? But capture for whom? Their snapchat followers, their Facebook friends? In the meantime, they have not been completely present in the moment but witnessed everything on a 4.7inch LED backlit iphone screen.

Make it a regular part of your routine to disconnect in order to re-connect with the real world.

By Rowena McAllister